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RDES has evolved to provide comprehensive global consulting services for Engineering, Training , Education, power evacuation and high voltage sub-station. The RDES personnel are experienced and qualified putting together 250+ years in identifying, developing and executing the tenders that are competitive, getting a high success rate with a total end to end solution.


A successful Infrastructure & Engineering company does not only focus on the execution of it, but also taking into consideration of the pre-contract phase to the post-contract phase and the synchronization with the project partners. The size of the firm allows RDES to provide a personalized consulting service. Professional and technical personnel would be able to maintain optimum client- consumer working relationships during project initiations and implementation. The commitment to provide quality service is fundamental to establishing a continued working relationship with RDES consulting. As per the observations, the power sector needs professionals to manage and lead the total value chain from pre-bid to the commissioning of the project. We at RDES have identified keys to triumph that would be instrumental in creating success:

  Offer solutions demanded by the clients & market
  Ensure solutions provided, have economic considerations built into respective model
  Provide 100% client satisfaction & exceeded expectations

RDES believes, understanding between the company and the project members is vital in achieving good success rate in the project. Properly applied tools, process and technology will assist the company and the project team in maintaining and securing the project’s results.

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